Cold Season Fashion

October 15, 2009

What should you wear during the cold season? What you choose depends on the temperature and wind as well as what you have in your closet or you can follow the expert and stay fashionable while welcoming the cold season. Choose among the cold fashion style or create your own look to look good while enjoying the cold weather.

print bottoms
Print leggings are one of the hottest looks today, the easiest way to pull off slim print pants is to wear it with a longer sweater or tunic.

Leather jacket or skirt for a bit of rock-and-roll tough girl look

Black and White
Black and white a traditional warm-weather favorite

Pink as the go-to color for outerwear

Monochromatic vests and shirts are chic and slimming hip-length vests or shorter can be worn unbuttoned over everything from floaty prints to sweaters.

Snuggly sweaters
Snuggly sweaters will help keeping your body heat, you can add the hood when you feel it is necessary.

Remember choose the clothes that you’ll feel comfortable wearing and that will keep you warm during the cold season.

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