Indian Fashion Accessories

November 19, 2009

Indian woman are very  fond of ornaments or accessories they have variety of design and style, both traditional and modern. Each area in India has a particular style of design which is quite distinct from the others. Some of them are traditional symbols, the small and simple ornaments are used as casual wear and the heavy ornaments are used for occasions. Let’s take a look at the various ornaments that we can consider one of the India’s masterpieces.


Necklace – it is very popular fashion accessories  amongst the Indian women of all ages. One special necklace is the mangalasutra, worn only by married Indian women it is the Indian equivalent to the western wedding ring. Traditionally a woman wore it during her wedding ceremony and took it off only if her husband died.

nose pin

Nose pin – More common than a nose ring, both are symbols of purity & marriage, though today many unmarried Indian girls wear this adornment.

Bangles – It was worn on the wrist, they believed it to be a protective bands, women always wore them as symbolic guards over their husbands. Bangles today are worn by women of all ages all over India and are made of silver, gold, wood, glass, and plastic, among other materials.

earring set

Ear rings – Rings, studs and other ornaments worn in the ears are popular all over the country. They said that girl’s ears are usually pierced before her first birthday.

toe rings and anklet

Finger rings, toe rings and anklets – Rings for the fingers are again, of various materials and designs and worn by unmarried and married women. Since the ring has become a common adornment, it is no longer considered a symbol in Indian marriages. However, toe rings and anklets are still worn mostly by married women. Ornaments for the feet are usually made of silver because gold, being a ‘pure’ metal, was not supposed to be worn on the feet. This privilege was given only to women of royal Indian families.


Mangatika’ or  tikli – worn at the top of the forehead in the parting of the hair, is usually a small pendant on the end of a chain that is clasped to the hair. Traditionally this ornament was also worn as a symbol of marriage before, but today it is commonly worn even by married women.

Sindoor – dot on forehead of woman indicating married status of Indian Women, power, protection for her husband. It is applied by the husband as part of wedding ceremony.

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