Cool chocolate fashion

January 27, 2010

Frances Cooley a gourmet desert designer who created the ultimate woman’s fantasy – stiletto heels and handbags made of pure chocolate. Frances came from Clifton, Bristol, she decided to launched her creation after finding a vintage chocolate shoe mould in Belgium.

She said: ”People are wowed about them because it’s the perfect gift for a woman – chocolate and stiletto shoes put together. ”They’ve been selling like hot cakes. This past year sales have been incredible. ”They’ve been sold alongside pink champagne at some stores as well, and I could see someone drinking the champagne right out of the shoe.”

Her unique designs have become so popular that they have garnered attention from high-end retailers in London – including luxury department store Liberty.

She added: ”A friend, who is a French chef, had a meeting at Liberty in London and he suggested that I accompany him in case they might be interested in selling my cakes. ”They were immediately interested in the shoes and started talking about packages and designs. ”About six months ago I got my first order from them, and as well as selling my products, Liberty has also used my chocolate shoes for promoting events.”

The success of her chocolate shoes inspired her to create a matching range of a chocolate handbag version which all the people love and adore aswell.

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